Saturday, July 18, 2009

Current Indulgences

The last 10 albums I've listened to (this week):
Trip to Inner Self - Siddhartha - lost prog psych masterpiece
The Happy Prince - The La De Das - Concept from '69 - do I like it?
We Love Life - Pulp - BRILLIANT
Funhouse Remastered - The Stooges - real Weirdness - nuff said!
LOSS - Mull Historical Society - the best DIY LP?
Age of Decay - Joe Mizzi - The Metal Falcon lives!
Argus - Wishbone Ash - ancient prog but SOOO GOOD
Live Bootleg - Billy Bragg & The Red Stars - this is great.
Collectors Series - The Fall Excellent grumpy old men.
Box Set - Joy Division - total immersion recommended.
& Melbourne bands from the late 70's C/- Midoz
Currently Reading (as in concurrently & rereading too):
Steppenwolf - Herman Hesse Still great 30 years on.
Hogfather - Terry Pratchett Almost finished Discworld.
Fatal Revenant - Donaldson 10 years from 2nd-3rd Chronicles.
Will It Be Funny Tomorrow Billy? - Stephen Cummings one sitting.
Recent Occular Enjoyment:
Grand Designs, Time Team, Reed's Berlin DVD, Arctic Monkeys' Live DVD, The Residents' ICKY FLIX, Flame (SLADE), 1984 (from 1956) & series one of the Brit Life On Mars.
I'll get Terry to post a list soon.
P.S. there's a REAL treat if you click the title of this post.

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