Friday, July 17, 2009

A Vanity Project? Please pass the mirror.

As the renaissance of Pygmy Beat was slowly developing Ray took a look in the mirror and decided that he'd best find something else to do lest the mirror crack. His partner, Kim, had bought him a 'cello some years before but he was unable find a tutor & then he found two. He took lessons long term with the lovely Miriam. Being lazy and shy of work Ray twisted 'cello lessons into recording sessions in which he & Miriam played & recorded pieces. This developed into an opportunity so Ray began to write the odd song that needed a 'celli arrangement. Miriam wrote these, tutored Ray in them & played parts herself. The songs needed a vocal & melody - now Ray isn't allowed to hum around the house he's so bad at tunes. Miriam possesses a lovely voice and an excellent melodic sense so the collaboration moved to song writing. A few tracks were recorded that came together on the E.P. More Than The Sum Of Its Parts.
These songs are: Sandpaper Castles 1811, Silent Waltz, Sandpaper Reggae & Whisper.
The last track is a rerecording of a song written by Eric Drabwell and Ray back in 1977. Click the heading for a sample.
ray & terry

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