Sunday, August 9, 2009

Want To Hear A Secret? Then WHISPER!

In the last weeks Eric Drabwell completed the 12 string acoustic guitar tracks for the reworked WHISPER. He used the same Ibanez Hummingbird that he played on the original recordings in '76!!! A vintage instrument with a gorgeous tone.
I submitted the rough to's MP3 Mixing Clinic for comment & used most of the suggestions from there to tweak the mix. The results are terrific: the new guitar tracks shine as do the somewhat wet (reverb printed to tape) vocals by Miriam Webb.
Nothing like a little bit of psychfolk in the morning - or evening !
There're moves afoot to possibly replace the vocal or come up with an alternate version. Does this version work for you?
Click on the header for a listen to the new mix.

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  1. Great work Ray, and nice new VOX from Rechelle aka LifeLyrics. Looking fwd to next project too


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