Saturday, September 26, 2009

CLOUDS - Little Purple Circles - REVISITED

FINALLY, Little Purple Circle's latest album is available for general purchase.
Click the Heading to go directly to NOT LAME Records to get yours now.
Not convinced? Well...
Lady Policeman - a near perfect slice of Power Pop with lyrics that create a visual image in my head without me even trying. Chiming guitars, descending bass lines, superb drumming & a voice that draws me into the story: what more could I ask? "She was staking me out then, but I didn't know it" there you go!
A Measure of Salt - the lost 60's Kinks riff. The one that should have come after Tired of Waiting to bring the energy & dancing back. Nuff said!
The Real Story - Motown meets Elvis Costello with melody by UK Squeeze. "Forever wasn't always here..." with a bass drum sound that really, really propels things & that bass guitar - wow!
Momento - This is where the White Album was heading in it's more thoughtful moments - the Nilsson meets Beatle Paul melody carries the narrative through a musical journey. "Now you're gone, like leaves in the winter". Lovely.
The World IARTLive -I know when that rhodes like block chord starts up that this is an UP song. "If you live in the world then you don't need a reason". "The symptoms might change from one to another but the cure's exactly the same". The Rhodes solo is almost Steely Dan & the bass lines that follow is terrific & makes this little bassist very jealous.
The Thief - "It's never too late to try to steal away..." The arrangement of this reminds me a little of Baba Riley & those Who tracks that push the limits & used ostinatoes to take me away. A wonderful journey: "she's leaving the ashes & taking the rest..."
Green Magic - This is like the green line in that portrait by Matisse (La Raie verte) - it divided yet unified the face as this track does the album. A half way point/fulcrum that the preceding & following tracks will be compared to & contrasted against. On it's own terms it's also UNREAL!
That brings me 1/2 way through CLOUDS. You can hear samples at the link in the heading. You'll have to discover the 2nd half for yourself. Once started on the journey it won't be long until you feel those immortal words coming to your lips..."Ah, Dr. Rock is here to save me!"
ray & terry

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