Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Whisper 09 - the Video

With the musical skills of Californian Rechelle/Lifelyrics & Expatriat Aussie/Louisiana denizen Eric Drabwell augmented by their repsective daughters' visual media skills, I've pulled together a quick video to illustrate the Drabwell & Cochrane song Whisper in its 2009 configuration.
This video is the debut for visual images of Rechelle & I, (well at least the 1st images of me to come within 15 years of my current visage), as we're both a tad shy.
Eric is captured playing the lead line as well as strumming his trusty 12 string and electric guitar.
Rechelle is seem as a still image in various states of embellishment.
Sadly you're stuck with 2 snippets of me as I am now - one of me hunched behind my 'cello & the other dwarfed by my Vantage bass.
Click on the heading to go directly to the Utub video.

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