Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Classic Journey Inside Your Skull

Now, if you like a bit of 70's prog, and I do, you'll enjoy this new, original album by D'AccorD.
The spirit & sonics of those "journey through the mind" LPs of the early to mid 70's where a combo of Hammond, Stratocaster, Mellotron, soaring vocals, nimble drums and proggy bass, (you know - cool bass with that top end definition & mid scoop sound), grab a slightly altered mind and take it for a ride or, if you're like me, just grab a mind willing to take the time to explore.
Yep, that sort of album & I love listening to it.
If you'd like a sample click the heading & it'll take you to a vid of the band playing live (yep, not a bedroom band - a gigging, living entity).
D’AccorD has been Nominated by Progawards.it for Debut album of the year.
& you can buy it here really cheaply & with FREE delivery worldwide:

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