Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Patch of Ground Video

Is there no escape? Well, sorry, no!
To get through Boxing day we pulled together a little video for the Pygmy Beat song A Patch of Ground.
It's another in our series of songs, & now videos, about the many incidents or situations in South East Asia that seemed to slip very quietly through the filter of news gathering organisations downunder.
The audio is better quality than those that precede it as we've done some experimenting with bit rates etc.
Terry sings & plays flute, RAMI guests on drums and ray does the bass & guitar work. The original tracks were recorded some time around 1987 & RAMI's drum were added last year.
The video is compiled from YouTube clips & Google images - thanks to those who unwittingly contributed.
Click the heading to view the vid.
ray & terry

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