Monday, April 5, 2010

WAH WOW (But Is It Art?) Video

Another in the slow but inexorable series of videos for Pygmy Beat songs. This one is a little dark & quite simple. The stolen images, (from a google image search), relate directly to the lyrics by Terry Berman.

WAH WOW (But is it Art?)

The impetus for this song came from a Pulitzer Prize photograph: you'll see it in the video. It's of a vulture waiting near a waif. The photographer took the shot but didn't intervene to aid the child - s/he left the scene. Perhaps s/he felt s/he was leaving nature to its course! The nature of that act took its course with her/him however. If you watch the video at full screen size you'll be able to divine the photographer's reported fate.

Click the title & it will take you to the video.

ray & terry

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