Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I've long been a fan of monophonic recordings. It helps that I was around when they were still not uncommon. I've also gathered some of the reat mono representations available in my time/era. I mean the Phil Spector Back To Mono boxset, the Zombie's Oracle & Odysee, Pet Sounds etc.
It was an absolute treat to come across CAVETONE Records who still use valve & tape technology to record, cut & press mono vinyl.
I was so intrigued that I bought a few singles using PayPal & waited excitedly for their arrival from the U.S.
I was delighted to receive, in a little more than a week, the Garage Dance EP by Pat Boone's Farm, Wham Bam by the Wild Cat Daddies, One Night by the Blackbelts &, last but by no means least, Cavetone Records' MONOFESTO Vol.1: an excellent label sampler. All in paper insert sleeves, monochrome jackets & protective bags.
Sonically they are gorgeous heavy vinyl 45s that have the beat leaping out of their grooves.
I'm a nut for garage rock at the best of times but garage with chiming MIJ 12 strings and seriously good song writing put me in one eared nirvana. So much so that I'm going to sit down & write a song for a special mono recording of my own. I have the title so far "Listen Like Brian". If you ken the unsubtle humour you'll know it's a must do next project for either Pygmy Beat or a Drabwell/Cochrane reunion.
I couldn't find a link to let you hear samples of the excellent Cavetone cacophony but if you click of the headline you'll go straight to the Cavetone catalogue!
I think Robin Gibb must've been a monophile - he always seemed to cover one ear when singing!
ray & terry

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