Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gregor the Terror

Two things mark this album by Gregor the Terror as different: the sense of fun in each song and the social conscience behind it.

It's Punk of the Texas/U.S. variety.
The songs are fast, funny and fantastic.
The band? Well, it's a one man band: Greg Loyacano plays all guitars, bass, drums, (he is predominatly a drummer but don't hold that against him), and he does ALL the vocals. He does show some of his influences in his writing: there's an excellent pyschobilly tune in there which pleased me no end, and the music is flavoured with vintage Kiss and Ramones attitude.
The humour is in your face and ranges from punny, (as witnessed by the album cover), to really, really funny. I was searching for a metaphore or analogy for the music but the thing that kept coming to mind is the art of Ed Roth. If you know his stuff you'll know what to expect.
Oh, there's a parental guidance warning for this album as Gregor doesn't play P.C.
You were about to ask about the social conscience and how that could possibly fit into the album and musician I've described. Easy enough. All proceeds from the sale of the physical or download album are pledged to "The March of Dimes" a children's charity in the U.S. The heading will take you to the preview & download site. Comments will contain the address to buy a physical CD. At jus US$10 a CD + postage you can't go wrong & you can feel good about it too. I was feeling awful so I bought 5!! True, it cheered me up & blew my mind.



  1. Buy the CD @

  2. Hope I get royalties for your use of my blog name, Eyes Wired Open, as a song title!

  3. I don't know about royalties but I can get you some royalty.
    It's interesting that 2 Australians hit upon the same name albiet one for a blog & the otehr for a song.
    I sussed out your blog & I like it.
    Keep up the good work!


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