Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Pygmy Beat+ have put together a song called The Master & a video to go with it. (Click on heading to view)
The lyrics tell an obscure story regarding a man and a bird.
I put together the song bed to which the + added their excellent contributions: Drums are by Greg Loyacano (see Gregor the Terror below), Lead Guitar Solos are by Gerry Steele and Joe Mizzi performed Lead & Backing Vocals as well as writing the melody. Terry is mid sabbatical so demured from this particular project. Hurry back Terry; there are irons in the fire.
The + recorded their parts in their own studios & sent the tracks to me via the 'net. I pulled the parts together in Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.3. Greg "mastered" the mix included in the video.
The vid. was cobbled together using images gathered from the 'net & edited together in Win Movie Maker.
The image in this post was lifted from a dry point etching plate in sepia and produced C1978 as part of a book of 20 prints (stolen in 1988).
The Master Copyright Cochrane/Mizzi/Cochrane
ray & terry

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