Thursday, January 6, 2011


RAMI is, well that's actually quite correct. RAMI just IS! This is the third RAMI album I've bought. Yes, he's that good. I follow the man & buy his stuff when it becomes available.
This new album, PEACE RIOT, is a progression from POSSE but retains the funky rhythm edge to the rock that is so much a trade mark of the man & his music. Lyrically the narratives are smart, clever and have a sharp cynical edge. The album title should serve as a sampler for that.
RAMI have honed his vocal harmony skills & they are just one of the pleasures of this disc. Lead & rhythm guitars are hot, on the money and guaranteed to induce air guitar playing. The bass is solid, funky and has a growling tone to die for. Drums and percussion are a marvel. Again, funky but rockin' and beautifully defined. The keyboards? Well, there are none - & none are needed. The arrangements are uncluttered: there are spaces where the music breaths but no holes & no excuses for dropping in a synth line.
What makes the arrangements, playing and singing all the more remarkable is the simple fact that RAMI did it all himself. Oh, not JUST did it but did it all so well.
My fav. tracks? That's hard, but track one: Twisted State of Mind would have to be at the front of a tight pack and New World Disorder alongside it. There are 3 covers on this album: 2 from classic 60's bands who made rock what it could be and a strange 3rd choice that, despite my initial reservations upon reading the title, really amazed me.
An excellent album by an excellent songwriter, performer, engineer and producer.
Click on the title to go to RAMI's webpage where you can find three different ways of acquiring the album AND preview the tracks on CD baby.

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