Thursday, April 14, 2011


This is the 2nd album by Joe Mizzi that I've been lucky enough to get my hands on.
Angels Fall develops Age of Decay's modern metal with a range of themes as classically Heavy Metal as the title track's essay of the dynamic tidal flow between Good & Evil to the unlearned lessons of history we seem doomed to repeat which are addressed in Witchhunt. In between there are tales of succubi, tainted love and conflict.
Monster riffs, contagious melodies and soaring vocals combine over a rhythm section solid enough to take down masonry walls to make great songs.
Joe does the vast majority of the playing himself whilst drafting in Dave Whiting and Chris Frehse to spread a little extra magic with their superb lead offerings.
Jan Ohlhorst did a terrifc job mastering this album - I had the good fortune to hear some of the tracks in development and the premaster mixes were amazing. That Jan was able to take them a step further in the mastering process is a tribute to him and to the excellent quality of Joe's playing, recording and mixing.
This is an album you should own. Oh, I have to declare that I had a very, very small part to play in the album as I helped Joe with a couple of lyrical snippets. That the album survived my input is an even bigger reason for you to get a copy. There's a link in the title to take you to samples & digital sales.

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