Friday, July 1, 2011

The MASTER Mastered

The recent Pygmy Beat Augmented experiment was so successful that I decided to take it to the logical conslusion and have the track mastered by a professional Mastering Engineer.
I did some listening, reading and questioning around and about places and people who know, knew and had recent experience with the process and selected FINEMASTERING and their stellar ME Jan Ohlhorst [] to have a crack at it.
Having heard the superb work done on recent tracks recorded by Gerry Steele of the Hamilton Steele Band I also decided to have the track "stem mastered". This means I break the song into audio sections which I give to Jan to treat and then recombine into the final song. The benefit of this process is that the ME has a greater degree of flexibility: a more surgical & less bloody path to deal with problems that are embedded in the mix, (mid mud, too much high end in a section etc). Jan consulted with me and sought my approval at stages through the process and presented a draft master for approval which is then replaced by a full red book wave file when all is done & agreed to.
The other reason for going for the stem process was to do justics to Gerry Steele's excellent solos, Greg Loyacano's superb drums and Joe Mizzi's fanmazing vocals.
The quality of the net result will be for you to decide on an idividiual basis but I can tell you that it brought a great big smile to my dial.
Click the heading to hear a streamer of the track from Soundclick. If you want better quality get in touch with me.
ray & terry

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