Friday, August 26, 2011

Haemophilliac Heroes Pygmy Beat Augmented

This little project was started just as 2011 was beginning but has taken rather a long time as there were all sorts of problems, of my making, during the development.
Greg Loyacano provides the power house drumming, Joe Mizzi sings up a storm on both backing and main vocals while Gerry Steele plays some simply amazing licks in all the right places.
Once the song was recorded, (each of the above recorded at their studios and sent the parts via server download), and mixed to everyone's satisfaction it was sent to for the final touches provided by Mastering Engineer Jan Ohlhorst. Jan spent quite some time and energy on this one as I kept discovering mistakes I'd made in the mix. He patiently allowed me to address problems as he went about his business - which was to provide a terrific sound and sense of cohesiveness that is achieved through an M.E.'s secret alchemy.
I spent a little time pulling together images to make a simple visual representation of the song with a quick peek at the band members as well.
I hope you enjoy this - it certainly was fun recording with the three real heroes of the piece as they provided the excellent musicianship, support, ideas and musicality that make it work.
ray & terry

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