Wednesday, October 19, 2011

D'AccorD's Newie: HELIKE

The gentlemen from D'AccorD have their new album OUT NOW. Released under the Karisma Records imprint, HELIKE is a new piece that is filtered through the lense of a true 70's prog concept LP with 2 "side" long suites, a gatefold to keep you reading whilst listening, lyrics to map the journey and a band sound laced with guitars, flutes and mellotron.
The influences on the music are many, varied and worn on the sleeve of all band members BUT this is not a tribute album or a pastiche: it's a work that stands up on its own by virtue of the songs.
The concept is based around the legend of Helike and associated Greek myths & gods. DON'T be put off by that if you're not into ancient mythology - the story has significant currency through the Japan earthquake & subsequent floods as well as the Boxing Day Tsunami.
D'Accord's playing is excellent throughout as is the recording and mixing (done by Daniel from the band) whilst the mastering is by a former Pink Floyd engineer. I really enjoy listening to this album and the only thing I need that isn't provided when doing so is an LP sized cover to hold & read while I'm sitting in the sweet spot. The last album was released on vinyl so there is hope yet.
If you like PROG you'll love this album. If you don't like prog you'll probably like it after listening to this CD. It can be had from iToons, and various other online providers in CD format as well as digital download.
Click on the headline to get a squiz at & listen to the band!

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