Monday, October 3, 2011

Silent Waltz

Recently I sent a remix of Silent Waltz to to have it "stem mastered" as an experiment. I hadn't had any of the Miriam & Me tracks mastered and wondered how they would translate.
The results were pretty successful. There's a bit of hiss at the very beginning which is a result of my recording chain at the time. I also asked Jan Ohlhorst, the M.E., if he could attempt to reduce the reverb that was printed to the vocal track. This was recorded at a time when I was a reverb junkie I'm afraid. Jan did a good job of that quite tall order.
The final result is a track that I'm very pleased with.
The vocals and melody are by Miriam Webb who also plays the nice 'cello lines. I did the rest; including the grumpy 'cello bits - the 'cello arrangement was an exercise in chording an arpeggio which Miriam, then my 'cello tutor, devised.
The link in the title will take you to a FLAC version and the link below this text is to a 320MP3.

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