Thursday, January 12, 2012

THANATOGENOUS by Pygmy Beat Augmented

Happy New Year!
Joe, Gerry & Greg have combined again to make another piece of classic rock as Pygmy Beat Augmented.
I provided another song sketch with some words and left it to the three featured players to make something of it. The title also has high coincidence value as this song was my 1st venture using Reaper as the recording program.
With a lyrical theme originally inspired by Evelyn Waugh's The Loved One and later by Terry Pratchett's Discworld and a squillion guitars there was potential for something interesting to evlove. Gerry Steele was 1st in with a full track of excellent melodic lead work which was of such quality that an instrumental became a distinct possibility. Greg Loyacano then stepped up with a pounding drum track that lifted the song way beyond its dark Roland 505 rhythm roots. Joe Mizzi had to spend some time selecting lyrics that suited the backing. He chose a set that, in some ways ,matches the nomenclature for his new band: Angels Fall. He presented both lead and backing vocals to a melody he'd constructed.
I began to mix the project once all parts were in BUT, there's always a but, the mother board in my 2 year old DELL Inspiron 530 died mid way through. Luckily I had backed up to an external drive just a day or so beforehand.
I sent the saved project to Greg, (he's a whiz at Reaper), who finished mixing with all guitars blazing.
The resultant premaster was sent to Jan at who was pleased enough with the track to ask for the opportunity to mix it as well. What we now have are two different, and both excellent, mixes which were mastered by Jan.
There's a video as well, (of course), built from internet scrounged images and video clips.
The heading link will take you to that via Utub, (It has one of the mastered mixes randomly selected).
Here are links to high quality MP3s of each mastered mix:
Mix 1.
Mix 2.

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