Thursday, March 29, 2012


One of my all time favourite bands has released their third album. LPC have kept the incredibly high standards set by their eponymous 1st album and the hugely wonderful 2nd disc called CLOUDS with Far Out Liars.
It's an album that builds on their established strengths writing Power Pop neo-classics and thought provoking ballads, (NO, not in the modern lovey dovey form), as well as developing a deft touch and penchant for a little prog in the rock tracks.
This is the 1st set of recordings with an expanded group as the original duo has been joined by a third multi-instrumentalist.
There are some really funny lyrics on this album - a couple of songs sketch amusing scenes and have a good laugh at them. There're a few that are, as usual, lyrically & thematically deeper: be it regarding relationships or as observations of the world around us. One track, & no clues about which one, takes a very lyrically accomplished, yet neutral, view of a mind set & event/s that has/have caused us all to draw a deep breath more than once in the last few years.
Elsewhere that beautiful Rhodes sound underpins yet another uplifting track.
How good is this album? I've played it daily since I managed to pop it into the CD player. I find a new fav. track every time I play it & I keep delving deeper into the lyrics and finding gems that impress me with the superb & quite emotive use of the language.
Musically: head shaking, head banging, foot tapping this one assays a range of tempos and styles yet is a coherent ALBUM of excellent songs by an excellent band.
The heading holds a link to take you to a taste test site.
"Do yourself a favour..."
Cheers ray

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