Sunday, February 4, 2018

Time flies when you're living.
It's been a little while since I last posted so will do a batch update with this one:
I've completed a few songs from writing to mastering, (the latter done by Fran Ashcroft of HappyBeat in the UK), and video making. There are an half dozen songs waiting for vocals before they can be taken further and I'll hold them until they are "done".
Here's a little ditty that was written by Terry & I quite some time ago but I didn't do a video until a couple of years ago...Gerry Steele did the solo, RAMI played drums, Terry on vocals as well as sax.
The lyrics will make the topic clear enough soon enough...
This song is more recent that involved Greg Loyacano on guitar and drums along as Casey Wells from the now defunct & sadly lamented Little Purple Circles on vocals. No Terry this time.

This track has Greg Loyacano on guitar again as plus Bob Harris of The Seditionaries on vocals. Both gents have significant punk credentials and do a wonderful job on this track
Last of this current batch is by The Newlings featuring Eric Drabwell on guitar & vocals. Eric & I wrote this song in 1977 . It was revived and properly recorded a couple of years ago after he & I found each other on the internet after about 30 years. Eric has done a fabulous job with this and we are writing together again - something that has become easier now that he's returned to Australia from Louisiana.
I THINK this is the mastered version. If it's not I'll do a swap in a day or so.
Nothing else is ready for your ears & eyes yet. Stay tuned for more...
Cheers ray

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